Thank you for visiting my website. May you find healing today on your journey.

My name is Barbara Sanson. As a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, NY, my dedication and devotion as a Minister has allowed me the privilege of supporting Spiritual Healing and Mediumship by helping people through grief, loss, bereavement, and abuse. My work also allows me to provide spiritual inspiration and life empowering skills. The major focus of my ministry is dedicated to individuals who look to find healing within their hearts, be it through spirit communication or the inner awakening from Spiritual Healing.

As we heal ourselves we expand our horizons and seek balance in our lives. It becomes the natural expression of our hearts to live spiritually centered. Our world is racing faster than our hearts can beat. More than ever it is apparent that people feel a lack, a void within themselves. We can make a difference and it begins within ourselves. Please join me in a commitment to making your life legacy productive and rich, first within ourselves and then for our future generations.

It is my sincere privilege to be of support and assistance in the discovery of finding," the joy in the journey."