About Barbara

In addition to working with people on an individual basis, I am active within the community of Lily Dale, the largest center for Spiritualism in the world. It is my sincere privilege to serve as President of the Mediums League for 6 years, and Chairperson of the Healing Temple for 14 years.

It is my sincere privilege to be of support and assistance in the discovery of finding, "the joy in the journey."

After a successful business and professional career for over 20 years, I began a journey that led me to helping others in the process of healing.

Being healed myself in the early 1970's led me to a place of helping others discover missing pieces and spaces in their lives. Most recently my life has brought me to:

  • 1990 Ordained Spiritualist Minister
  • Fellowships of the Spirit former co-director of the School Of Healing And Prophecy - 5 years
  • 6 years as a mentor for the school-teaching Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Color Anatomy
  • 1992-2000 various committee positions including Executive Committee President and Chairperson of the worship services
  • 1990 until present - Healer at the Healing Temple
  • 1992 until present - Chairperson for the Lily Dale Healing Temple responsible for the summer program and the supervision of the healers and the services at the temple
  • 1993 created and founded the Lily Dale Healing Association
  • 1993 assisted in development of Wednesday evening Healing Services for the Lily Dale Community
  • 1995 served as trustee on the Lily Dale Board of Directors
  • 1994 until present - Registered Medium in Lily Dale
  • 1999 co-founder of "Keepers of the Heart Project" for healing
  • 1998 - 2000 Vice President of the Mediums League
  • 2000 until present - President of the Lily Dale Mediums League
  • 2004 Co-chairman 125th Anniversary Program Events for Lily Dale as well as assisting the community in various projects supporting Meduimship and Healing by speaking at various events in US and Canada
  • Teaching and creating programs for children and adults that provide education about spiritual healing, color, magnetic energies, aromatherapy and spiritual growth.
  • I have also been seen in several documentaries and several television appearances concerning Mediumship.

Credits include:
  • Ordination in 1990
  • Ministerial Care and Officiate
  • Completion and training in NLP 1993
  • Advanced Training in NLP as well as completion and certification in the following areas:
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Reiki
    • Therapeutic Touch
    • Touch for Health
    • Aromatherapy