The Quiet Side of Self CD
Meditations for the Inner Journey

As you open mind and body to the experiences of deep relaxation, be renewed through inspired words, guided meditation and healing music.

With grateful hearts, we joyfully share this doorway to rejuvenation and transformation to you the listener.

Quieting • Awareness
Remembering • Letting Go

Inspirational Words… Barbara Sanson

Guided Meditations… Sharon Kestler

Original Music … Andrea Terlesky

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Outstanding CD
One of the best meditations I have ever experienced was while listening to this CD. Barbara, Sharon and Andrea do an outstanding job of calming self, letting go and renewal. It was truly an exceptional experience. After listening to the calming and soothing words and the awesome music you feel a total sense of balance which everyone strives to achieve. This is a must have CD for everyone.

A beautiful, deep spiritual and emotional experience. I was left feeling bathed in sacredness. Thank you ladies.
MaryAnn Douglas

Wonderful Mediation CD! I love it!
Barbara, Sharon and Andrea have done a great job with The Quiet Side of Self. The music is soothing, relaxing, and beautiful, providing a comforting sense of balance. The guided meditations flow easily through the four tracks offering a great tool for stress reduction and reflection. I personally struggle with the ability to turn my mind off at the end of the day, which prevents the necessary eight hours of sleep. This CD has offered me the opportunity to do just that. Each night Barbara, Sharon, and Andrea help to declutter my thoughts by leading me to quieted, awareness. They encourage me to remember and to let go. The soothing meditations lull me right to sleep and this is a gratefully positive experience. My health of body, mind and spirit, stand at attention and salute each of you for this fabulous work of art. I am most grateful.
Sandi Matts

The Quiet Side of Self: Meditations for the Inner Journey
We lift weights, use an elliptical and ride bikes to exercise our bodies. Meditation is an exercise of the mind. Meditation has worked wonders for me in my approaches, my mental state, in the meeting of my spiritual guide and meditation was the very tool I used to quit smoking “cold turkey” after 30 years.
Mike Yagnich