Children's Activities

Young People's Healing Classes are held twice each summer. During the Week for Children's Activities peace prayer ribbons are tied on the Prayer chain outside the Healing Temple

Healing Ribbons add up to over 1500 ribbons by summer's end. The children send healing prayers by tying a prayer ribbon to the Healing Tree outside the Healing Temple in Lily Dale's summer program.

Color enrichment class for young people to discover
the various ways that color can be used in our world.
From the rainbow to colored markers each one in the class gets to share in the discovery of how different colors effect us. Designing individual patterns and colorful pictures are part of the morning as well as using their own intuitive abilities to recognize various colors

Sharing in the love during a closing circle, during children's week at Lily Dale.

By directing a healing prayer for others, young people find that loves flows in their heartfelt intentions.

A circle of love and blessings is shared during the Children's Hands on Healing class. Young people learn a basic healing skill and realize their importance in service to life.

The class is then invited to be a part of the regular Sunday Healing Service.

As they leave the class, a closing prayer is given as each one takes with them a renewed sense of inner purpose and the reminder that," love never fails."